Wizardry Legacy

Start: March 14th, 2002
End: February 28th, 2006
Archived: June 7th, 2011
Type of documents: Text, Source Code, Pictures, Binaries
Language: English
Note: : This project has been revived and is now somewhat active again. You can find it here: Wizardry Legacy


This is a video game remake of the famous wizardry video game series. The objective was to make a generic wizardry game where player could create adventures of their own


The archives first contain the executable for many different OS, the data files required to play the game and and archive of pictures and sound that was used to supply the game. These pictures and sound are copyrighted material which was taken from Wizardry, Heretic and Hexen video game.

Screen Shots

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Wizardry Legacy Website


Video Game

DOS Binairies (598K)
DOS Binairies TXE ???(598K)
Windows Binairies (529K)
Windows NT Binairies ??? (529K)
Datafiles (required to play the game) (4548K)


Source Code (337K)
Wizardry, Heretic and Hexen picture and sound sources (33.4M)
Adventure Template (1073K)


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