Star Empire: The birth of a new reign

Start: May 2000
End: March 2001, 2004
Archived: March 28th, 2011
Updated: August 28th, 2012
Type of documents: Text, Source Code
Language: Mostly English, some text are in French


This is one of the first video game I designed. It is a space strategy game similar to the Pacific Theater of Operation 2 SNES game. At that time, I did not know the Allegro video game library, so I created my own video game library according to a book I had read.

I really doubt that you could make the software rapidly work. It was coded in DOS, and I think I did not even had the DJGPP at that time, so the EXE is in real memory mode instead of protected memory mode.

From what I remember, it was really buggy and I think my video game library was far from being perfect too. But re-wrapping the functions I used with an more stable Library like Allegro could make it work.

Still, the game was not in a playable status when I leaved it. I still did a lot of work in the design of the game, got documented in text files. But since the gameplay has not been play tested, I doubt it would make a good game without revising it's design.


You will find in this archive the following files:

  • Source code of the game in C/C++ that was compiled with Borland C++.
  • Some documentation I have written about de design of the game
  • a few e-mail exchanges about me explaining the game or gathering ideas.
  • The Source code of my video game programming library.

I have also made a scan of the paper notes for the game. They might be written in Fr-English


Use these files at your own risks.

Star Empire Archive (572K)
Star Empire Paper note scans (3.8M)


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