Rockman: Battle Arena

Start: September 2002
End: June 2006
Archived: April 2nd, 2011
Type of documents: Source Code, Pictures
Language: English


A megaman fighting game where you would be able to play any character in the Megaman series. The game is far from being complete, it looks more like a demo right now. You can move around the stage and jump. Shooting made the game crash and I think I simply stopped there.


The archive contains the Programm, source code and picture used for the demo. I do not own the copyright on these picture. I also have a series of screen shot that I have used to extract the artwork.

If you just want to test the demo, you can only download the program if you want.


Rockman Battle Arena demo (458K)
Archive Rockman Battle Arena (2134K)

I found a 2nd archive of the same project. I am not sure if it's more recent than the first one. It seems to be compiled on windows, so you will need to have the allegro DLL to run it. The version above is compiled in DOS, to allegro is inside the executable.

Archive Rockman Battle Arena (1415K)


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