Overlord 2: the path to supremacy

Start: June 2001
End: May 2005
Archived: April 2nd, 2011
Updated: April 8th, 2012
Type of documents: Text, Source Code, Pictures, Paper Scans
Language: English


This is a remake attempt of the NES video game called Overlord, also known as Supremacy on PC. The project was programmed in visual basic and was never finished. The basic city management seem to work, if I remember correctly, I was working on the combat when I ended the project.


Since I do not have Visual Basic installed on my computer, I could not build up and executable file. So I only have the source code of the Visual Basic Project.

You will also find many artwork from the original video game. I have import some graphics and created new graphics by changing colors and gluing picture parts together. Sometimes, it's ugly, but at least it does the job. Since these graphics are imported from the video game, I do not own copyright on this material.

The scans of the paper file has been also added.


Archive of Overlord 2: the Path to Supremacy (2447K)
Overlord 2 - Paper Scans (1.9M)


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