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Start: >2001
End: June 2005
Archived: April 6th, 2011
Type of documents: Text, Web Pages, source code and binaries
Language: English


This is an archived website about how to program video games with Allegro. One of the main feature was an PDF e-book where I explained how the library worked.

The book is incomplete. Only the 2 first sections are available plus an incomplete chapter. Still, it could help new programmers to learn how Allegro works. It's possible that some functions has changed with the new versions of the library.

The website also hosted other library and programs I made when programming video games. There will be link on this page toward the respective archives.


You will find here the page of the website printed as PDF and the PDF book. I have also included the TEX input of the incomplete chapter. I also found the source code and binaries (DOS) of some example included in the book. They will also be included in the archive.


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Sound Wave Generator
Dynamic Database Table

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Allegro Video Game Programming E-Book (656K)
E-Book - Incomplete chapter 11 (40K)
E-Book - Example source and binaries (1997K)


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