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This section contains all the video game I programmed or any other document related to video games.

Allegro Video Game Programming - Website (2011-04-07)

This is an archived website about how to program video games with Allegro. One of the main feature was an PDF e-book where I explained how the library worked.

Gemfire: A new Ishmeria map (2012-08-28)

A map I have drawn as an alternative to the map found in the Gemfire Video game.

Overlord 2: the path to supremacy (2012-08-04)

This is a remake attempt of the NES video game called Overlord, also known as Supremacy on PC.

Rockman: Battle Arena (2011-04-02)

A megaman fighting game where you would be able to play any character in the Megaman series.

Star Empire: The birth of a new reign (2012-08-28)

This is one of the first video game I designed. It is a space strategy game similar to the Pacific Theater of Operation 2 SNES game.

Wizardry Legacy (2018-08-01)

A video game remake of the famous Wizardry video game

Wizardry Legacy - Website (2018-08-01)

Website dedicated on the Wizardry Legacy video game project.

Zelda Classic Quest: Golden Power (2012-08-28)

A Zelda Classic adventure that I could not complete.


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