Sound Wave Generator

Start: March 2005
End: June 2006
Archived: April 2nd, 2011
Type of documents: Text, Source Code, Program
Language: English


A small software that allows you to create sound effects out of nothing. The basic idea is that all software out there can modify sound, but none of them can actually allow you to create sound. This program allows you to manipulate the waveform, Envelope and Pitch gradient to create various kind of sound.

Screen Shots



This archive contains the final release package and all the source code.


I have just found a new version of the code, so I'll add both version of the code.

Sound Wave Generator 1.0.0 (745K)
Archive Sound Wave Generator 1.2.0 (2642K)
Archive Sound Wave Generator 1.0.0 (2488K)


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