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Dynamic Database Table

Start: October 2002
End: January 2006
Archived: April 6th, 2011
Type of documents: Text, Source Code, DOS Binaries
Language: English


It is a small database system that did more than expected. The database is is a huge table of entries that contain a "Tag" for identification and a pointer on a stream of data which can be of any sizeand interpreted in any way you want.


you can save all derived class objects in the same table even if they produce entries of various size. Your data streams will still be readable by the base class.

from. So you can merge many data files in your system and there will never be tag conflicts. It makes it easy to produce save games.

tags in the database with it's data stream length. This can be useful to find bugs in the database creation.

you to use a special formatted text file and convert it as a binary file. This is useful if there is some static information required by the programm.

databases into a Allegro DATAFILE. It will allow you to place all the information in the same archive.


This archive contains:


Dynamic Database Table Archive (705K)

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