Manga RPG

Start: Unknown
End: October 2000
Archived: 29th March 2011
Type of documents: Text, Fonts
Language: English


This is a simple role playing game taking in the world of anime. I manage to play one game with it. The only bug we found was the combo system. It's a very open Role playing game where the rules are not loose to give the players enough flexibility to create anything that could happen in an anime.

Today, there is the "Big eye small mouth" system which seems much more solid than my system to manage anime world.


The archive contains the original text in .DOC and .TXT. The .DOC got converted to PDF and saved into a more recent .DOC format. The archive also includes the font that were used for creating the documents.


Manga RPG Archive (678K)

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Manga RPG Rules (161K)
Manga RPG Character Sheet (63K)


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