Fire Blade Campaign Setting

Start: 1996
End: Unknown, approximately 1999
Archived: August 28th, 2012
Type of documents: Text, Drawings
Language: English


This is the most important campaign setting I have ever worked on. It mostly contains the material I made were playing dungeons and dragons. But I lost all the material I did while converting the campaign to GURPS.

This world also received the help of my friend Gabriel Brouillard who designed the dark knight class, wrote an small introduction novel and helped in the design of a few other things. Due to his help, I had a chance to play a game in my world where he was the Game Master, something that world creators would have not expected to accomplish.

It could be possible that in the future, I design a board game taking place in this world.


There are various material in this archive, form world history, planet maps, D&D supplement rules, poetry, artwork and card game idea. Feel free to explore.


Fire Blade Campaign Setting (10.8M)


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