Character Sheets from Various RPG

Start: 1992 (estimated)
End: 2006 (estimated)
Archived: June 8th, 2013
Type of documents: Text, Images
Language: English & French


This is my personal collection of character sheet that my friend or I played in the past. This is not really a project but rather a scanned archives of characters that can bring back memories. There are probably a couple of characters that has been lost over time.


The sheets have been grouped by publishing companies or by system. I literally scanned everything I had, so you'll also find drawings, battle plans or poetry that was used during the game.


Other RPG (Rolemaster, Starwars, Traveller) (24.14 M)
Empty Sheets (4.59 M)
GURPS (9.50 M)
Heavy Gear (3.44 M)
Home Made (Final Fantasy, Manga RPG, Starwars WW) (13.25 M)
Legends of the 5 rings (7.76 M)
Legends of the 5 rings - colored sheet (2.37 M)
Romance of the 3 kingdoms (Based on L5R) (4.70 M)
TSR ( Dungeons & Dragons, AD&D, Alternity ) (23.00 M)
White Wolf (Mage: Sorcerer's crusade, Mage: The Ascension, Project Twilight)(18.39 M)


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