Authentic Thaumaturgy D20

Start: ???
End: October 2004
Archived: April 7th, 2011
Type of documents: Text
Language: English


A D20 adaptation of the Authentic Thaumaturgy magic system designed by Isaac Bonewits. Authentic Thaumaturgy is a book published by Steve Jackson which talks about a magic system that has been inspired on real life magic. The system is pretty generic in order to make it adaptable to any other RPG system.

This document is an attempt to adapt the Authentic Thaumaturgy magic system into the D20 system. The adaptation was done according to dungeons and dragons 3rd edition. According to the document, the adaptation has not being tested.


You can download the document in PDF or TXT (zipped) format.


Authentic Thaumaturgy D20 - PDF (117K)
Authentic Thaumaturgy D20 - TXT (96K)


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