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This section contains all the Role playing game system and campaigns I have created or any other document related to role playing games.

Authentic Thaumaturgy D20 (2011-04-07)

A D20 adaptation of the Authentic Thaumaturgy magic system designed by Isaac Bonewits.

Character Sheets from Various RPG (2013-06-08)

This is my personal collection of character sheet that my friend or I played in the past.

Combat RPG (2012-08-28)

A role playing game system designed around combat similar to video game RPG which was originally designed for a final fantasy game.

Fire Blade Campaign Setting (2013-12-17)

This is the most important campaign setting I have ever worked on.

GURPS Phantasy Star (2012-08-28)

THis is an attempt to adapt the world of Phantasy Star to the GURPS rule system.

Manga RPG (2011-03-29)

A very simple role playing game taking place in the world of anime.

Megaman RPG Session (2012-08-28)

Some material for a small Megaman RPG.

Nightmare Hunter (2012-08-04)

A Role playing game system designed for a "The reader is the Hero" book.

Romance of the 3 kingdoms RPG session (2012-08-31)

Some material I designed for a R3K RPG session.

Table Theater (2012-08-28)

A simple Role Playing Game system which does not have any numerical value and that focus on role play rather than the combat system.

White Wolf - Wyrm Wyld Web (2011-04-15)

This is some sort of simplification of the 3 core system of White Wolf ( Vampire, Werwolf and mage) into 1 standard set of rules.


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