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Video Games

Zelda Classic Quest: Golden Power (2012-08-28)

A Zelda Classic adventure that I could not complete.

Gemfire: A new Ishmeria map (2012-08-28)

A map I have drawn as an alternative to the map found in the Gemfire Video game.

Wizardry Legacy (2018-08-01)

A video game remake of the famous Wizardry video game

Wizardry Legacy - Website (2018-08-01)

Website dedicated on the Wizardry Legacy video game project.

Role Playing Games

Character Sheets from Various RPG (2013-06-08)

This is my personal collection of character sheet that my friend or I played in the past.

Fire Blade Campaign Setting (2013-12-17)

This is the most important campaign setting I have ever worked on.

Romance of the 3 kingdoms RPG session (2012-08-31)

Some material I designed for a R3K RPG session.

Megaman RPG Session (2012-08-28)

Some material for a small Megaman RPG.

Board Games

Creative Curses - Podcast Challenge (2015-02-12)

The creative curses were monthly game design challenge that were given during the Zengame Podcast.

Fallen Kingdoms (2013-12-18)

Development archives of my game Fallen Kingdoms

Bells of War: Variant + Turn Summary (2012-08-28)

this is some description

Twilight Imperium - Master of Orion (2012-08-04)

This was an attempt to adapt Twilight Imperium to the Master of orion Video Game.


Dynamic Database Table (2018-07-30)

A simple database system that saves information as data stream in a large table.

Sound Wave Generator (2011-04-06)

A small software that allows you to create sound effects out of nothing.

Software Archive (2018-07-31)


Virtual Shrine for the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom - Website (2011-04-09)

This was some sort of philosophical web site inspired on the virtues system defined in the Ultima IV video game which has been inspired on the chivalry code.

Larienna's Cooking Recipe - Website (2011-04-02)

This is my old web site that contained all the cooking recipes I used regularly.

Other Archive (2018-07-31)


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