Fallen Kingdoms

Start: Estimated January 2008
End: October 2013
Archived: December 17th, 2013
Type of documents: Text, Scans, Pictures
Language: English


This is the material that has been used to design my game Fallen Kingdoms.

note: The archive is currently incomplete. It only include Scans of the Paper work behind the game. Electronic files have not yet been submitted and will be uploaded eventually.

One of the problem with the submission of electronic files it that the whole project has takes more than 3 gig of diskspace after cleaning up some files. So I might post only certain samples especially for maps.


Currently this archive contains only the scan of the paper file which includes scan of notes, annotated rules and prototypes. Most of the order of the scans are in chronological order


Paper file Scan

Notes (39.8 M)
Notes on Small Pages (8.5 M)
Notes on various material (993 K)
Annotated Rules (74.7 M)
Prototype Maps (12.6 M)
Prototype - Other Material (2.3 M)
Cards Language Corrections (1.5 M)
Color Tests (4 M)

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