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Start: Opened on August 2006
End: Last update on November 2009
Archived: April 9th, 2011
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This was my personal website about Duel Masters which contained various info about the game. Duel Masters was a Collectible Card Game published by wizard of the coast which was similar to magic the gathering and in my point of view better because it solved most of the bugs I found annoying in Magic (Mana Shortage and empty Hands).


This archive will contain a PDF version of all the pages of the website. The site contains basically variants, Tutorials, and various information regarding Duel Masters.


Title Page

General Information

My Comments - What is Duel Masters
My Comments - What makes Duel Masters better than Yu-Gi-Oh
My Comments - What makes Duel Masters better than Magic
My Comments - What are the flaws of Duel Masters
My Comments - How come it is not popular?
Card Distribution and publication
Derived Products
Derived Games
The Kaijudo Code

Playing the Game

Tutorial - Card Information
Tutorial - Playing Sequence
Tutorial - Attacking and Combat
Tutorial - Winning the Game
Tutorial - Special Creature Types
Tutorial - Common Special Abilities
Multiplayer Game Variations
Rule Variations
Duel Masters Stratego - Alternate rules (Another copy can be found Here.)

Duel Masters Revival Project

Not yet Frequently Asked Questions




Full Screen Pictures (2040K)
This is the full screen pictures of the Derived product and games, because most of different than the thumb displayed on the web page.


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