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This section contains projects related to board games. I have a website dedicated to board games: This page contains archives of dead projects or variant. I will post material that was used to create the games or variants I published a few years after they are released.

Battlemist - Variant (2012-08-04)

Make some basic modifications to the game to make it run smoother and to remove absurdities.

Bells of War: Variant + Turn Summary (2012-08-28)

this is some description

Chez Dork - Variant (2012-08-04)

Some notes about how to fix the problems with the game.

Creative Curses - Podcast Challenge (2015-02-12)

The creative curses were monthly game design challenge that were given during the Zengame Podcast.

Duel Masters Revival - Website (2011-04-09)

This was my personal website about Duel Masters which contained various info about the game.

Dungeon Twister - No cards and Gem Collection (2012-08-04)

This is a set of 2 released variant that allows playing without cards, or changing the victory condition to create a gem collection game.

Fallen Kingdoms (2013-12-18)

Development archives of my game Fallen Kingdoms

Twilight Imperium - Express (2012-08-04)

An attempt to make a dice express version of twilight imperium.

Twilight Imperium - Master of Orion (2012-08-04)

This was an attempt to adapt Twilight Imperium to the Master of orion Video Game.

Twilight Imperium Modifications (2012-08-04)

This is a Series of variant designed for Twilight Imperium that were never released.


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